10 Things You Didn't Know About Me

I saw this recently and thought it would be fun to do. Seeing as I’m not as outgoing and extroverted as some photographers, this is a much less intimidating way to let you guys get to know me a bit better. :)

1. I can’t control myself around sweets. At all. Or potato chips. They’ll be gone in an hour.

2. When I walk around at night, I look into the expensive houses on my block. I like seeing what people have, how things are decorated, and what it seems like they did to get where they are.

3. I haven’t eaten meat (intentionally, oops) since I was 13 and in the spring of 2015 I started eating vegan. 

4. Unless you’ve been following me for a reallllly long time, you probably didn’t know that I used to have incredibly mediocre jobs when I was younger. My first job was working at a roller rink. Yes, they still exist, and no, for some reason I wasn’t allowed to use roller-skates to get around. My job after that was working at a car wash where they wouldn’t let me touch the cars. 

5. I used to have pet rats! I had them when I was 13 or so, and back then they weren't as cool and popular as they are now. People just thought I was weird. 

6. I took rollerskating lessons for ten years and could probably still skate circles around most of you. ;D 

7. I was homeschooled until college and frequently described myself as a kindergarden drop out.

8. Because I was homeschooled I spent a lot of time alone in my teenage years and personally, it was the best thing that could have happened to me. Spending time on my own in the forest with my camera, wandering around my town during the day, and figuring out ways to enjoy isolation have been the biggest contributors to how I can survive as an adult now.

9. I’m an extremely anxious person. I get it from my dad (and also from being a woman in general). I have trouble in all public spaces because I don’t want to get in the way or annoy anyone. It was only in the last year that I was able to give a name to they way I feel around others, but that just means that I’m one step closer to learning how to deal with it. :) 

10. The music I listen to the most is Bon Iver, Keith Urban, and Mick Jenkins. Weird collection, but it’s what I enjoy depending on my mood.

I hope you enjoyed learning these little tidbits about me and that you find them relatable in some way. If so, comment and let me know how!

Katharine Hannah

Katharine’s work has graced the walls of institutions such as The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, The Harold Washington Library of Chicago, and local galleries such as Dreambox Gallery, Siragus Gallery and Blick Art Materials. She has also been featured on websites such as the Huffington Post, Phlearn, Fstoppers, Tigress Magazine for Girls, Bitchtopia, and Golden Boy Press.

In addition to photography, Katharine has been a mentor and educator in the arts since 2013. She has worked with students in various organizations and projects over the last two years, including Hive Chicago’s PROjectUS initiative and Digital Youth Network’s Digital Diva’s and Chicago City of Learning programs.