Five Year Anniversary

This is probably the hardest blog post I've ever written. Sounds funny, right? You'd think this would be a fairly easy accomplishment to jot down on a keyboard and share - but I'm struggling to find the words. It's easy to say "this is Nick, my boyfriend" but so incredibly hard to describe all the various roles that Nick has played in my life the last five years.

Business partner, collaborator, supporter, personal dictionary, best friend, chef, comedian, handyman, travel buddy, coffee maker - and of course the list goes on.

Five years honestly feels like nothing because I still learn new quirks about him daily - like how he likes to leave the notifications on his phone (for some reason that I still don't understand) or his obsession with following recipes exactly (like when he sent me home to Indiana with 3 star anise's to cook with Christmas dinner). 

I'm not really sure what the next five years holds, but I think that's what I love most about our relationship. If I had had the option to know when I first introduced myself to that shy 16 year old at my homeschool group that we would stay in Chicago and pursue our dreams with together, I would have chosen to stay in the dark and enjoy the surprise of our journey.

What I love most about our relationship through the years is that we have always had a vision of what we each want and whether we're accomplishing our dreams or following the path when they change along the way, we've always been partners through it.

Happy five years, Nick.