Accomplishments, Failures, and Lessons From 2015

In an attempt to continue growth as an adult, an artist, and as a human I think it’s important to reflect on events and lessons from the last year to be proud of myself, and also remember that if I don’t learn from my mistakes then they were not worth making.

2015 taught me that I’m capable of running a photography business and that I will be successful as an artist as long as I put my mind to it and work hard.

2015 taught me to be proud of myself, listen to myself when I need time, and forgive myself for mistakes.

2015 taught me how to not care about a 15 week classes with instructors that were not meant to teach.

2015 taught me that college isn’t everything (sorry SAIC).

2015 taught me that it’s alright to put myself first sometimes.

2015 also taught me that being a vegan isn’t so hard and that it’s worth giving up cheese to save cows some misery. 🐄 

What did 2015 teach you?