Aiszah | Portrait Session

I met Aiszah when she was 13 and I was 16 and we connected over similar experiences we were having at those points in our teenage lives. I remember her coming to me for advice and feeling like I was being asked to play a role model that I didn't feel prepared for, but that our conversations together helped me become. After that summer we didn't see each other much because she went away to school and I got involved with photography and became consumed with that. When she told me that she needed pictures of herself for her to audition for college and theatre, I happily said yes.


Throughout the photoshoot I kept calling her little Aiszah. I’m the youngest of my entire family (on both sides) and so I never got the chance to see someone younger than myself grow up, and felt a disconnect in my memory between the Aiszah I knew and the one in front of me. She finally said to me “Katie, I’m not so little anymore” and it struck me that the beautiful person before me was no longer a little girl, but a blossoming young woman.