Be Gentle With Yourself

I was having one of THOSE days, you know, where you drop a spoonful of rice on the floor and cry over it. I was so emotionally drained and exhausted for no apparent reason and if you have ever had one of those days, you know how hard it is to not get frustrated with yourself. Recently someone said to me that when I’m feeling that way, that I should be gentle with myself. That really resonated with me. Of course I should be gentle with myself when I’m upset. I’m going to feel upset no matter what and the worst thing that I could do for myself is to get angry for feeling a way that I have no control over. It’ll just make me feel worse. 

Would I be angry with a friend for feeling upset, or would I try to comfort them? Thinking about it in this way made it significantly easier for me to get over my fallen rice, and move on, instead of falling into a sad-angry-sad from making myself angry, whirlwind. So, if you find yourself having one of THOSE days, try and remember to be gentle with yourself, treat yourself like your mom or your best friend would when you’re upset, because you deserve that love.