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Chicago fine art portrait photographer that empowers, inspires, and educates women through photography.


Hey There! I'm Katharine.

Welcome to my blog! I'm a fine art portrait photographer based in Chicago specializing in Seniors & Couples. In my spare time, I wander in the woods, create new ways to empower local Chicago women, and travel with my boyfriend Nick.


BFA Thesis Exhibition at Sullivan Galleries


It's been quite a long way coming, friends. I still remember my freshman orientation - it was a hot, sunny, August summer day in Chicago and I got pooped on by a bird. Yep, right in my hair. Talk about a good start to your first day of school ever. Thankfully, things haven't been quite as stressful as that first day since; sure, I've cried in frustration when the printers in the photo lab wouldn't listen to me, and I've missed a class because I was stuck in Newark in a snowstorm with Nick. But overall, I've gained an incredible amount of knowledge, grown as an artist and as an individual, and gained confidence in my career choices. Throughout it all, the biggest buzz and event to look forward to in school has been the renowned BFA Thesis Exhibition at Sullivan Galleries in downtown Chicago. 

The exhibition features nearly all of the graduating artists at The School of the Art Institute, apart from those in the fashion show and the film screenings, and it will be the biggest to date - over 250 artists. Not too shabby, huh? :) I'm so excited to invite you to the opening reception, March 11th, where there will be brownies and lemonade (sadly no vegan brownies, but yes please to the lemonade). You can find the event information by following the button at the bottom of this post, and I hope to see you all there! Make sure to come say hello because I'll be there celebrating with all my graduating friends and we would love to meet you!

Opening Reception | March 11th, 11am-6pm
Open Gallery Viewing | March 11th-31st, 11am-6pm, Monday-Saturday