Kass Family | Portraits

The dark clouds rolled over the setting sun, it warmed up to a comfortable temperature to spend the evening outdoors, and it turned out to be a beautiful Saturday at the Chicago Botanic Garden in the North Suburbs for the Kass' family photoshoot. Janice, Andrew, Sergio, Lily, and their grandmother were all so much fun to spend time with at the Garden, and were so genuine and kind to me while I was there with them. I spent the evening with them running around chasing Sergio and Lily, watching them make goofy faces at each other, seeing them play in the grass, and give each other lots of hugs. They are one of the sweetest families I've ever had the pleasure of photographing, and my cheeks hurt by the end of their session from laughing so much. :)

I had only been to the Botanic Gardens once before a few years ago, and didn't get to spend as much time exploring the gardens as I wanted to. When I got there before the session to scout out spots, I had been forewarned to not wander too far because I might get lost. Obviously, I should have listened! I started down one path, following a trail of flowers I liked, then down another path between tall shrubs that blocked out the sky, and wound up ultimately on an island full of bonsai trees. Not a bad place to be, but not so great when you aren't sure how you wound up on the island in the first place! I made my way back with plenty of time, but my advice to new comers at the Chicago Botanic Garden is to bring a map, a friend, or plan on spending the whole day wandering. :) Thanks again to the Kass family for spending the evening with me in one of the most gorgeous places in Chicago!


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Katharine Hannah

Katharine’s work has graced the walls of institutions such as The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, The Harold Washington Library of Chicago, and local galleries such as Dreambox Gallery, Siragus Gallery and Blick Art Materials. She has also been featured on websites such as the Huffington Post, Phlearn, Fstoppers, Tigress Magazine for Girls, Bitchtopia, and Golden Boy Press.

In addition to photography, Katharine has been a mentor and educator in the arts since 2013. She has worked with students in various organizations and projects over the last two years, including Hive Chicago’s PROjectUS initiative and Digital Youth Network’s Digital Diva’s and Chicago City of Learning programs.