Dinner in Detroit

Nick has taught me a lot of things in the few years we've been together, things like how to write a 5 paragraph paper (thanks, homeschooling), how to cook flavorful and delicious vegan food, and best of all - how to enjoy where I am, and not just where I'm going. On our road trips, Nick always tries to find alternatives to the straight path to our destination because he thinks that it's one of the best ways to see and get to know a city. Originally, I didn't agree - why wait longer to get dessert?

Over the years and our many trips to places like Paris, Madrid, Detroit, California, and a whole host of other beautiful locations, I've grown to appreciate this part of the trip too. Winding down smaller streets with kids playing in their yards, finding local restaurants that don't advertise to tourists, and just seeing what life is like in cities I've never lived in. So let me leave you with this cliche; it's not about the destination you're trying to reach, it's all about the journey there and what you do and experience along the way.

My excitement about the warm sunshine...

vs. Nick's. :)