How to Find Inspiration as a Creative


All of my favorite photographs that I created as an angsty teen were inspired by experiences I was having. Whether that was my first heartbreak, struggling with anxiety and not really knowing it at the time, or something as simple as finding a new album I was in love with. Your experiences don't have to be world shattering - they just have to be yours. A few places to source inspiration from would be things that have affected you in the last few months.

  • A new friend/relationship
  • Moving living situations
  • Starting a new job
  • A family member passing
  • Getting a new pet

This list could truly go on and on. The basic idea is to source from your life experiences and go from there. Sit and stew about how you're feeling in regards to these life changes and see where it takes you.


Here's another little nifty list of ideas to get you started from sources that are outside of you.

  • A new book that speaks to you
  • A quote you found
  • World events
  • Lyrics from your favorite song
 How to find inspiration for creatives helpful blog post

If you're feeling a little adventurous for outside sources, one of my favorite resources is oblique strategies. It's a website that gives you vague starting points to find inspiration from and not to mention - it's just fun to see what you get as a strategy.

One thing to remember; there are endless sources to find inspiration from, just keep your eyes open and listen to how you're feeling. Follow the pull towards what interests you even if it doesn't turn out how you want - you don't have to share everything you make. :)


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