How to Get Your Camera Photos onto Instagram

There are so many ways to get your camera photos onto Instagram, and I've used more than one until I found a way that was easy for me to keep track of. Currently I use Google Drive because I love how much space I have to store photographs, and I've also used Dropbox prior to that, but I also know of a few local Chicago photographers I've talked to send their photos in an email to themselves, open it on their phone, and download it that way. A bit convoluted, but if you're running out of room on your cloud storage that's another way to do it! With so many ways to download your photos for Instagram, I thought it might be helpful to show you the ones I've used and how easy they are to navigate! Watch the video below to see the workflow I use to download for my own Instagram feed, and start finding the option that's right for you. :)


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