KH Shop Officially Open

We've all had those dreams, right, friend? The ones that make your heart skip a beat. That make your palms sweat a little. The ones you only tell to your mom, because saying it anywhere else is too big to even think about. I've had this tiny dream for quite some time now to open up the KH Shop - and it's finally open!

I love getting to know my photography clients one-on-one, hear their stories and help them express themselves through branding sessions and custom styled stock - but I've felt for awhile that there's more I can do to help the creative entrepreneurs who can only connect with me online. The majority of people who I interact with aren't in Chicago - and that can make it hard to share my resources that help creatives build their brand and connect with their ideal clients - which is where the idea for the KH Shop started blooming.

In The Shop you'll find Lightroom and ACR Collections built with dark & moody photographers in mind. The collections help build consistency between galleries with different clients, save photographers houuuurs in post-production editing, and are the exact ones I use to edit my sessions.

Check out the KH Preset Collection here!