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Chicago fine art portrait photographer that empowers, inspires, and educates women through photography.


Hey There! I'm Katharine.

Welcome to my blog! I'm a fine art portrait photographer based in Chicago specializing in Seniors & Couples. In my spare time, I wander in the woods, create new ways to empower local Chicago women, and travel with my boyfriend Nick.


Then & Now | My Earliest Self Portraits


I feel like as artists and photographers it's easy to keep your website up to date with current work, only show what's your best, pretend that somehow you started out where you currently are, and forget the embarrassing selfies you took when you were 15. But I'm about to get real with you, friends. When I was first starting out with photography, I barely had a clue how to use a camera or computers, didn't understand lighting or how the time of day affected my work, and I followed trends that I didn't even really like only because they were popular. But in truth, it took me years to completely understand my equipment, how to compose an image, and what I actually liked when it came to photography.

I love to learn about how people got to where they are, what they've learned about themselves along the way, and see how far they've come. So, I thought it would be fun to share some of my oldest photographs that I've taken of myself all the way back to age 14 to show you where I began and what my progress has looked like. I've learned about lighting and not blowing out my highlights, I've learned how to replicate the style I love over and over again, and I've learned to enjoy the mistakes I make while shooting (like that time I shot an entire session in small JPEGs). Not to mention, it's also just fun to see how things change over the years with my hair being the most stark difference - can you believe how red I used to keep it? So if you're struggling, feeling like everyone else has their life together and you don't, that you'll never reach your goals because they feel so far away, take look back at where you were five years ago and I'm sure you'll be proud of all you've accomplished.

In the meantime, cheers to getting real and vulnerable! :)







That time I did a shoot in Lake Michigan in February and my camera was out of focus the whole time... 2011




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