Road Trip to Madison, Wisconsin

There's nothing quite as sweet as when the leaves start to lose their color, the wind starts to get a chill, and you can tell that fall is on it's way. The only thing that can compete with the joy of fall? Road trips with an adorable boy. :)

Nick and I have been together for almost four years now, and our relationship has always involved traveling; on our one year anniversary we went to Paris and Madrid, multiple times a year we go to Detroit, and sometimes we go on sweet little occasional trips to places like Los Angeles, Newark, and last month, Madison, Wisconsin. Nick is in a band (I know, I know, could he get any more dreamy?), and he had a show in Madison so we went up there for the weekend. We had breakfast (and lunch) at Monty's - a little diner that is super vegan friendly, and wondered around Madison meeting sweet cats and strangers.

It was nice to spend the last weekend of summer with him, driving around the city, spending time with friends, and getting vegan ice cream. We're already planning our next trip together for the winter, where we plan on going to Europe again. We're thinking possibly London, Amsterdam, and I have always wanted to see Stonehenge, because come on, Stonehenge. Other than that, we're open to suggestions if anyone has any! :) Happy Wednesday!