Self Love Sunday | Bad Yoga Moves & Vegan Pizza

A friend of mine recently said to me that they don't show themselves love or care because they don't know what it looks like or how to implement the practice in their own life. They asked me what I do and how they can start to show themselves care, because they usually end up feeling overwhelmed at the idea of starting something they don't understand so they just push it off until a later date. Though self care is a unique, individual act and no one does it in exactly the same way, I gave them some examples of what I do to point them in the right direction to start. And it occurred to me that this probably happens a lot; someone wants to show themselves love, take care of themselves emotionally and physically, but it can be difficult to begin if you have no reference point of what it looks like for you.

To help ease the feeling of being lost at the get go, I decided to begin keeping track of things that I do for myself during the week to show self love and share it with others to give them an idea of what it looks like for me. I use Self Love Sundays as a weekly reminder to love myself, show care in ways that reinvigorate my creativity and my soul, reaffirm my happiness, and make sure that I'm prepared and ready to get to business on Monday morning. I'm also doing this as a reminder to myself that even if there were parts about this week that I wish were nonexistent (ugh, the dentist...), the good outweighs the bad, I'm exceptionally happy in my life and with the people around me, and that keeping a positive attitude is the best way to enjoy what life has to offer. 

So, what have I done this week to show myself care?

  1. I got myself some aloe water because apparently it's supposed to help with angst. So far, still angsty but definitely more hydrated.
  2. I made myself a vegan pizza three times this week (and went out once to get some too). I'm trying to eat banana chips in this next week instead but we'll see how it goes.
  3. I started taking yoga and have so far done it twice a week (as a studio credit, hello art school), and it's already helped me feel a lot calmer and more in control in general. 
  4. Pet multiple dogs in my neighborhood.
  5. Lit a pomegranate candle ALL day while I was working and didn't feel bad about it at all.

So, what did you do this week to show yourself love? :)

Katharine Hannah

Katharine’s work has graced the walls of institutions such as The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, The Harold Washington Library of Chicago, and local galleries such as Dreambox Gallery, Siragus Gallery and Blick Art Materials. She has also been featured on websites such as the Huffington Post, Phlearn, Fstoppers, Tigress Magazine for Girls, Bitchtopia, and Golden Boy Press.

In addition to photography, Katharine has been a mentor and educator in the arts since 2013. She has worked with students in various organizations and projects over the last two years, including Hive Chicago’s PROjectUS initiative and Digital Youth Network’s Digital Diva’s and Chicago City of Learning programs.