Self Love Sunday | Chocolate Pretzels & Love Letters

This week was filled with various types of love - romantic, platonic, and familial - and I tried to show love to everyone around me including myself. My self love this week was majorly influenced by Valentine's Day and my anniversary, and so most of the things I did for myself have to do with Nick. ;) I hope you had a great week too, friends!

 Printed photo of couple on anniversary for Valentine's Day
  1. For my anniversary this week, Nick bought me chocolate covered pretzels which is one of my favorite guilty pleasures and something I don't usually get myself. (They were gone almost immediately)
  2. I love reading handwritten letters from people - my parents, Nick, my friends - and I tried to make it a point this week to write love letters to the important people in my life, because who doesn't love a special letter just for them? :)
  3. I have probably 30 empty frames that I've accumulated over the last few months that I've been meaning to fill, and this week I framed a few of Nick and I and hung them next to my dried flowers from our anniversaries. 
  4. A lot of the way I show myself love is through food that makes me happy (no shame), so I went out to eat at my favorite restaurant this week with Nick for our anniversary.
  5. I had a whole day of classes cancelled so I spent the free time taking and editing photos, at home in yoga pants, and had a musical throwback by listening to an old Fall Out Boy album. Gotta say, I miss 2009 F.O.B.