Senior Picture Prop Ideas

This year is coming to a close and the senior picture season for 2018 grads is almost over! Autumn and summer senior portrait sessions have come and gone and now it's time to look for inspiration for winter and spring shoots. Here are some of my favorite year-round props to bring to your senior portrait session, and some winter specific ones for those of you who are adventurous in the Chicago snow. ;)


1. Chalkboard Sign

Bringing a cute chalkboard sign to write different phrases on is always a great idea because of it's versatility during your session - you can try out a few different quotes on the board throughout your time with your photographer to make the most out of your prop!

2. Your Pet

Not that your pet is a prop, but if you love your furry friend it can be fun to have them in your senior pictures with you! 

3. Graduation Cap

You're graduating, why not celebrate that and show it off! I've had both college and high school seniors bring their decorated caps with them and they always look great.


1. Lantern or Candles

Get that moody and warm winter feel with an antique lantern or colorful candles to light up your portrait.

2. Winter Inspired Bouquet

Think dark red roses, vibrant green eucalyptus, and gold fabric wrapping contrasting with white snow.

3. Cozy Blanket

A fun and colorful fleece blanket to sit on in the snow is always a cute idea.

Bonus Tip:

You can change things up and make your senior pictures more unique by incorporating a color that isn't used in winter senior pictures often, like navy blue or dark purple!

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