Thanks for the Advice, Mom

It’s important to listen to your body. My mom always told me this when I was growing up, that your body knows whats best for it and that you should listen to what its telling you. This becomes an especially important thing to remember when it comes to mental health, because the only way to know when I need a break is to listen to myself. My mind doesn’t show exhaustion physically, I can only tell what my mind needs by listening to it when it says that I can’t go out tonight. Even when I think you have no reason to feel how I'm feeling. Even when it happens multiple days in a row. It sounds silly to say these things out loud, but whether or not I admit it, those feelings are there. Mental health is extremely important, and the more I ignore the days that I really just need to rest, the more of those kinds of days I’ll have. 

Sometimes I feel pressured to go out and be young and adventurous, or stay up late, or spend every second with my significant other, or do other things that I see other kids my age doing. But I’m not always up to it. Sometimes I don’t want to because the weather makes me feel tired, or my anxiety is making it hard to go out and be around other people. Regardless of the reason, it’s important to listen to what my body is telling me. Will being around friends today make me feel exhausted or will it be enjoyable? Do I need to go buy myself dinner because the idea of cooking makes me want to just go to sleep? This advice that my mom has given me my whole life proves it’s worth time and time again. 

If today, you’re feeling like you just want to stay inside and hide from everything, then you should. The world will still be there tomorrow, your friends will still love you, and your fruits and veggies probably won’t go bad that quick. Take a day for yourself, you need it. ❤️