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I believe education should be accessible, fun, and empowering.

I believe in feeling comfortable enough to ask questions when you're confused instead of waiting and hoping someone else will ask it. I believe in personal connections and in caring about the people you’re investing your time and energy into. I may have started on my own in the woods, but I quickly realized the value in a support system of other creatives to bounce ideas off of, learn from, and support in return.


Mentorship, at it’s core, is about love.

I taught myself photography when I was 14 - but I didn't do it alone.

I learned through self portraiture in the woods by my house in Indiana, and through trial and error while learning new photography techniques online that I didn’t understand. I’d be in front of my computer for hours looking at different channels to see which one would click with me the most - being homeschooled, I knew that learning through seeing didn’t really help me. I had to learn through experience, through someone sitting down with me to explain it. There are so many places out there, both in person and online, to educate photographers - so how do you pick just one?

It wasn’t until I found a tribe of dedicated mentors and a community of other creatives who loved the same things I did that I began to thrive. Instead of getting lost in the endless free downloads, videos on how to do a new Photoshop trick, and online classes, I found just a few people that I trusted and cared about and invested my time there. The best part about it? I didn’t feel like I was just another view or seat filled up, I actually had a personal connection, face to face, with my support system. That personal connection to my mentors who cared about my success when I was only an awkward teenager inspired me to pursue my dream of fine art portraiture and to start a business that focuses on empowering women through photography.


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The value of mentorship, the importance of continuing to strengthen my skills as a photographer,
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To help you as best I can, I need to know what you want to know. What are you curious to learn more about? What are you struggling to understand? Leave your question in the form and I'll use it to help inspire a new educational blog post for photographers and creatives.

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