Lightroom Portrait Collection


Lightroom Portrait Collection


An entire Lightroom editing collection including all of the presets I use in my own portrait workflow. Created for natural light portrait photographers who want to elevate their Lightroom editing workflow, get client sessions done quicker, and get time back in the day.

  • Roots Preset

    • A simple and clean base edit to set you up for success in your editing - slightly muted tones, bright contrast and low shadows. Designed to work best with natural light portraits and as the foundation edit for the Lightroom Portrait Collection Brushes.

  • Velvet Brush

    • Make skin soft and silky-smooth

  • Thorn Brush

    • Brighten up eyes and add a pop

  • Silk Brush

    • Add contrast and contours to hair and cheekbones

  • Overcast Radial Filter

    • Add a spotlight and focus point to your portrait


  • An instant digital download so you can start saving time on editing, creating cohesion between your galleries and get back to actually using your camera.

  • Download contains 1 color preset downloads, 3 preset brushes and 1 radial filter preset. Based on the Adobe Standard Calibration profile and designed for use with RAW files.

  • The download link expires in 24 hours from purchase, so make sure you save your preset collection!

  • Due to the nature of digital products there are no refunds or exchanges.

Copyright 2018 Katharine Hannah Photography

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