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Chicago fine art portrait photographer that empowers, inspires, and educates women through photography.


Hey there, I'm Katharine!

Welcome to my blog! I'm a fine art portrait photographer based in Chicago specializing in Seniors & Couples. In my spare time, I wander in the woods, create new ways to empower local Chicago women, and travel with my cute boyfriend Nick.

Locations for Engagement Photos Near Chicago

I've made this post not as Chicago-centric as usual because I think that for engagement photos it's worth it to drive the extra mile out of the city to places like Indiana and the north suburbs to get the location that suits your style as a couple more. If you're like me and my couples, having the typical skyline shot of downtown Chicago isn't really what you're going for...

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Engagement Photo Album Design

She untied the twine string, pulled away the dried eucalyptus leaves, and held her engagement album in her hands for the first time. Opening the first page she found her favorite portrait with her fiancΓ©, of the two of them leaning together against the fence at the apple orchard where they went on their very first dates. Flipping through the thick photographic pages she was reminded of...

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How I Chose The School of the Art Institute of Chicago

I never wanted to go to college. I never had dreams growing up of where I wanted to spend these four years of my life, what city I wanted to be in, or what I would even want to study. I wanted to be a fine art portrait photographer, and in my mind I didn't need to go to a school to become one. During one of my homeschool art group meetings...

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What Happens if it Rains During Your Portrait Session | Ask Katharine

If you've been in Chicago anytime in the last few weeks, you've likely gotten caught in a thunderstorm. Because it's been so hot and humid, more days than not we get a massive amount of rain and lightning even if it's only for half an hour. But if you've got a portrait session planned for the day - what should you do...

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Want to Get Featured on Inspired Chicago?

Back in 2014 when my mentor died, I was feeling lost and alone. He was the person I would turn to when I needed advice on my photographs, advice on what new ideas I could try out, or inspiration when I was directionless. I've known for years that what I want to do with my photography is empower and inspire women, but after my mentor was gone I had to find new sources of guidance, and with that...

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