Photography that builds your personal brand so you can attract your dream clients


As creative entrepreneurs who pursue our passions as our careers...

We want to attract those ideal clients that we dream about - the ones who love the work that we do, value the experience we provide and fill us up creatively.



What would it feel like to spend more time with clients who love what you do?

If you’re anything like me, you didn’t become a creative entrepreneur so you could spend all your time on the backend of your business - you started your creative journey because you’re a hustler who loves to chase your dreams and inspire others along the way.

You probably already know how valuable your time is now that you’re kickin’ booty in business, so you’ve found creative ways to take care of the admin stuff and get back those hours in your day. But here’s a fact that may just come as a surprise to you - you can also outsource your branding photography.

Imagine a stockpile of personal, authentic photography that tells your story, connects with your audience and builds your brand so you can start attracting only those dream clients you love working with.


Now you can attract your dream clients & repel the rest

The best way to spend more time with those dreamy, ideal clients is to share your personal brand story that will attract only your niche and repel clients who wouldn’t be a good fit.

You’ve probably had clients that weren’t your dream customers - the ones who can somehow never be pleased with the level of care you provide. The ones who give you a sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach when you see you’ve got an email from them. The ones who try to negotiate pricing and make you question your own value.

Having a strong personal brand that tells your story authentically will set the foundation for working with those dream babes, so you can spend more of your time with the clients who uplift you and less time with the ones who aren’t a great fit.


Photography as original as your brand


Personal Brand Photography

  • Show up on the daily to tell your brand story through authentic and cohesive photography that connects with your dream audience

  • Consistency in your posting schedule is key for building trust with your ideal babes - never have that “oh sh*t I need to post on Instagram” feeling again with your stockpile of branded photos

  • Photos that were created solely for your brand, so you can know that everything in the photo relates back to you and your story


Stock Photos from Online

  • Stock photos you find online can be hard to create a cohesive story with, even if they’re from the same stock photo site

  • You’ll have to settle for stock photos that look enough like your brand, because they were created to be sold to many creative entrepreneurs and not just you

  • Your brand won’t feel as unique or personal as it is when you use stock photos (especially when your potential client sees that same photo on your competitors site)


"Very efficient and professional to work with - Katharine gave great insight and direction during the entire shoot! Loved working with her, she delivered the edited photos so quickly!"

Alyssa | Trending Above

I love it!

So how much does it cost?


You could keep doing what you’re doing and spend your time searching online for stock photos that don’t authentically reflect the personality of your brand, working with clients who aren’t your total dream babes and feeling like you know your brand can be more cohesive.

Or you can connect with your audience through personal brand photography that tells a consistent and compelling story that makes you the only choice for your dream clients.



Personal Branding Photography

Everything you need to connect with your dream babes

Includes customized session to tell your brand story, a pre-consult to plan out every detail, support and guidance through the process, and a stockpile of cohesive, on brand photos

Average Investment - 1500-2500

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Personal branding photography that will tell your story cohesively & beautifully, so you can attract your dream clients and spend more time doing what you love